Saturday, November 14, 2020

Gygax 75 Week 2: The Legend of Gygax's Gold (It's the map)

It is time for Gygax 75 Week 2!

The goal of this week was to create a starting area with a certain number of landmarks and settlements. On the challenge's recommendation I went with 1 mile hexes, but I might remake it with 6 mile hexes in the future. Without further ado...

Gygax 75

Week 2


Welcome to The Map 

Our starting area consists of a large scrubland basin at the foot of a mountain range with dunes and a shallow scrubland valley to the west. There are 5 locations of interest (All names temporary)

5 Locations of Interest

  •  Athene Cunicularia City

Coming up on the city all you can see are towers, a forest of towers. These obelisks, laid out in a grid formation, are windcatchers, the lungs of the massive underground city.  AC City is the trading hub of this area, a formidable warren of homes, businesses and government buildings. The people of this city subsist on what comes in through trade, what can be hunted, animal husbandry, underground farming, and they get their water from the huge underground river. It is a trading hub and therefore a melting pot, but as the name suggests it was initially and is still largely peopled by Burrowing Owl Folk.   

  •  Pyrrhocorax Graculus Keep

 After a long and arduous climb up a narrow mountain pass you reach PG Keep, a secluded and sleepy castle town deep in the forever snow-capped mountains. Most of the town has a nearly unobstructed view of the entire desert basin and as such it is a popular pilgrimage destination. They get their food from trade, the small amount of agriculture the landscape can support, and animal husbandry of the mountain going animals. As the name suggests the keep is populated largely by Alpine Chough Folk, though like anywhere there is a solid mix.

  • Passer Simplex Camp

 A temporary camp of the nomadic Desert Sparrow Folk. They roam the desert following the seasonal lakes and watering holes. They keep many animals as both food and beasts of burden. They get their food through trade, animal husbandry, hunting, and foraging.

  • The Structure

A mysterious, discomposing structure in the middle of the dunes. Like an obelisk of smooth stone, much taller than the windcatchers of the city, that seems to shift and move ever so slightly in-between glances. Few have been inside, many who have haven't come back, and those who have didn't make it far into the structure before returning.

  • Old Temple Ruins

The ruins of an Old Faith temple, long since collapsed under the weight of years. 


Loose Ends and ETC

Well that's it! That's the starting area and map.  

My main loose end this time around is the encounter table. I will be making a setting specific gloghack to fulfill the assumptions of this setting and as I haven't started work on that I also haven't started work on what creatures and monsters roam these lands. I intend to return to it and make a proper encounter table when I have a bestiary to draw from.    



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